The mission behind Millstone Collective is to continue the work we started in law enforcement: working with some of the most vulnerable parts of our society – our kids – specifically, the children in foster and adoptive care. Research indicates that children in foster care are

4x more likely

to be sexually abused. 

We are determined to change that.


A staggering 93%* of offenders who commit crimes against children are known to the child and, within the foster and adoptive community, the highest likelihood of abuse comes from those within the child’s own household. This means that the very people entrusted with their care may pose a threat.  We refuse to let this continue.

With unwavering determination, our team at Millstone Collective has surpassed the national average for confessions during investigations relating to sexually based offenses against children.  We have achieved a confession rate of approximately 70%, which is more than double the national average (32-34%**). Through our expertise in interviews and interrogations, we have honed our skills in detecting signs of deception, understanding crime statistics and offender typologies, and remain updated on emerging trends within the community.  We commit to engaging with state and private foster/adoptive agencies to provide the tools and training to identify potential perpetrators and develop rapport with the children they are charged with caring for.
Our commitment goes beyond working with state and private child protective agencies agencies. We believe in equipping foster and adoptive families with vital information that often goes unsaid. We provide them with comprehensive knowledge about the impact of trauma on a child’s well-being; we empower them with the tools to respond when children bravely speak about their abuse experiences; we teach techniques for preventing abuse by laying groundwork for within the home to address abused children who may try to act out their experiences; and we guide families in coping with the vicarious trauma that they may experience while loving those who have endured deep suffering.
Together, we are creating a network of empowered individuals who refuse to stand by while children suffer. We are arming those tasked with protecting our children with the skills and abilities they need to do their job effectively.  By empowering agencies, families, and communities, we are building a stronger defense against the horrors of child abuse.
Join us on this journey. Let us inspire hope, ignite change, and protect the innocence of our precious children. Together, we can create a brighter future, where every child can grow, thrive, and shine. 

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* – Statistic provided by RAINN – Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network – RAINN


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Your contribution will enable us to provide comprehensive prevention programs, train professionals, offer consultation services, and advocate for stronger laws and policies.  Together, we can create a future where every child is protected from the devastating effects of abuse.

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