kristilee cavoretto


Passionate and trailblazing, Kristilee has shattered any would-be glass ceilings; from serving as an Army medic in a light infantry company in the mountains of Afghanistan to becoming the first (and only) woman on her agency’s SWAT team, success has never been optional.  With a heart set on empowerment and fighting for the voiceless, Kristilee’s ten years of law enforcement experience, including nearly half as a special victims detective, and her years as a child forensic interviewer have honed her skills as a champion for justice.  With natural intensity and a desire for change, Kristilee is action-oriented and solution-focused, though she rarely goes long before finding a reason to make others laugh.



Alicia is a dedicated professional with an impressive twenty-year career specializing in crimes against women and children. With a strong commitment to safeguarding, and advocating for, the welfare of children, she has served as both a detective and as a forensic interviewer.  Alicia attributes her unwavering passion for her work in protecting and defending the vulnerable to her faith.  She also firmly believes in the power of a team-based approach, proactive intervention, and maintaining high standards for training to achieve the goal of creating a society that is safe for everyone.  Alicia holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Georgia (go Dawgs!) and a master’s degree from Columbus State University.


Better together:

Individually, Kristilee and Alicia have both shared their passion for the pursuit of excellence and protection of the vulnerable, but together, they have traveled the country training counterparts from the fields of law enforcement, child advocacy, forensic interviewing, child protection, prosecutors and defense attorneys, private and public schools, faith-based organizations (and more!), in leadership skills, burnout recognition and prevention, investigations into crimes against women and children, resiliency, and the list goes on! 


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